And this is the end...

As i wrote before i am starting a new education, and i finally made my decision..It's going to be fashion design at Roc van twente, i rather wanted to go to a school in Amsterdam, Hilversum, Arnhem because they are well known with fashion. But that aint gonna happen cuz' i am probably going to live in Enschede, and then it's a 2:10 hour drive to Amsterdam. Well today was my last day at my old school, i am a bit sad though.. I had just made some friends.
The pictures aren't to clear because the light wasn't optimal.

Black cape jacket:h&m
Long waterfall cardigan:Zara
White tee:h&m
paintsplash/bleached skinny:h&m
caged heels:Zara
Studded bag:h&m

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