Family guy

Today it was a sunday like usual boring, and lame. Mostly the sunday is like this because we all go out on saturday and feel shitty the day after. Allthough i also felt shitty i had a family day at my boyfriend's house. The whole family came together from Germany, and me as a following member had to be there offcourse. And it was nicer than i thought? Allthough the oldies didn't understand why my crouch was hanging so low (hareem pants)? Hahah. Anyway here is my outfit.Blazer:h&m
White tee:h&m
Hareem pants:zara
The blazer is for sale at my marktplaats(SOLD)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke dingetjes! :)

    Mn leren jasje, denk dat je die van mn profielfoto bedoelt, is van de Lederwinkel. Een winkel met alleen maar leren jassen. Weet zo even niet of die in het hele land is.