my asos/hm order

Today my asos order came, i was so happy with it. Cause i finally had the chance to wear my beautiful leather caged heels! And they walk like sneakers, ease and without blisters. I ordered a leather hip belt, caged black heels, new era cap (for my boyfriend), tights and a brown shopper bag. The picture is edited ugly cause i couldn't get it right. And i am to tired to do it again, cause i had a party last night.

friday finally my hm order came in, with stuff from the campaign "party look", i ordered a floral body, a grey bodycon dress, some hairbows and golden earrings. Everything was very nice except the grey dress wasn't looking to good with my figure, so i decided to send the dress back.
I had also ordered a ripped print maxi dress from divided, that i also am going to keep. Here are some pictures..( The photo's i placed, have dissapeared magically?)

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