let's play.. with me and my gloves

Today i received my h&m order wich includes my leather half gloves. I do like them, but don't know if they are special enough to keep? And they are a little bit to small for my big monkey hands haha. Do you think i should keep them?? I did get them for a bargain price 4,90. I used some EGF discount codes for this gloves. If i don't i wil buy the half fingered studded ones from asos, but i think the h&m ones are also suitable for the winter. And the asos gloves more for fun.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind ze leuk maar als ze niet goed passen zou ik ze terug doen! Als je ze terug doet wil ik ze ook wel van je overkopen hoor! =P haha Leuke blog trouwens!!

  2. Hey leuke blog :-) en teee lieve kittens op die fotos


  3. Volgens mij passen ze niet goed, dan kan je het beter niet goed.

  4. hoi schatje,
    leuk hoor:D

  5. ooooh yes!!! i just saw these gloves on hm site some days ago and fell in love!
    great choice!