And the weekend is allready over.. again

This is my outfit from yesterday: grey oversized tee;zara, leopard print jacket;vintage, bleached skinny; zara, peeptoe boots; dinSko.
(on the photo is my lovely black cat dikkie,saying meowwww)
Well unfortunate the weekend is almost over again, i didn't do to much. Yesterday i had to work and then went to my mother in law's bday. After that i went home to eat something and change. Then i had a housewarming party of some friends to party all night! I did enjoy but forgot to make some photo's for my blog, to busy in my head i think. And today sunday i have been cleaning my house, someone has got to do it haha. Sunday is always a boring day full of watching tv, blogging and listening to music and making yourself ready for the next week, so that's what i'm going to do right now! watch the oscars show that is live on the filmchannel the whole day, so wish you to a very happy watching listening tv,radio hanging sunday! x

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  1. Wat een ontzettend leuke, inspiratievolle blog heb je!:D

    Echt prachtige foto's en echt een signature look!