Just can't stand the rain.

i think i can speak for all the dutchies amoungst us when i say! WHERE is the damn sun? It's finally getting a bit warmer, but now it has been raining whole day. It makes me depressed and only want to wear simple clothes or stay in my pyjamas. On every blog i look (outside of Holland), i see people wearing tee's, no jackets, and the sun behind them on photos! Everywhere except for Holland. Maybe it's time for me to immigrate to my fathers birthland Mali haha. I have thought of a solution? Maybe if we all wish very hard the sun will come out? Let's hope for it! haha, well now im tired time to go to bed! Goodnight xx.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh ja echt wel, ben dit weer helemaal zat!

    Ik vind je trouwens een heel mooi meisje, wilde ik even zeggen ;) Je haar (of nou ja.. zoveel haar heb je niet meer haha) staat je echt super!


  2. ben helemaal klaar met het vieze weer hier in nederland! maar gelukkig 2 mooie dagen in het vooruitzicht!