lumberjack blue my mind.

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Went to school, and enjoyed the weather! It just calms me down the warm sun! Also with my new nailpolish
i really love this color. Not the best pick with this blue blouse a little bit to much, but it was to much trouble to change colors and im lazy haha. I bought this nailpolish at hm, the name is blue my mind and it costs 3,90. You have to paint 2 layers but it stays on for quite a long time! Oh and the underground of my nails is  furrr from my black cat Spyro haha!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben gek op blauwe nagels!

    One Love,

  2. i usually stick to red polishes but blue looks cool too! you have a cool style :)

  3. lekker kleurtje is dat he!
    leuke outfit.

  4. Hey :)

    I'm LUVIN' the blue nail polish AND this spider on the side of the blog! I've always wanted a snake myself, I'm promising myself the second I make it to the Zoo this Summer (I will! haha) i'm holding one!! They are so creepy and just LOVELY at the same time...the colours, the texture of their skin..magic. Weird I know, but I will aha! have a groovy day gurl :)