And it goes a little something like this....

wedges;dinsko, skinny;zara, jacket;vintage,studded bag;hm,achor necklace;h&m
Well sorry for my lack of updating i was very busy with school and stuff. You know what happended last night? My little kitty cat dikkie (fattie cause of his big head) has catched his first mouse i was so proud of the little fella!
Back to basics, i was soo busy with school, the nice weather my new job! My new job is awesome.. Actually it's the same on a new location.. But i like it but still have to make myself feel comfy with the new colleagues. I always find it kinda scary how people react on my looks, i also am very affraid i have to change style, because it's to outgoing or something like that. I hate that tattoo's and clothing can be a problem for a job. Other thing i am thinking about.. I have send something back to asos but you don't get a tracking code, so i am very hoping it will arrive! Otherwisee say goodbye to the new shopping money. Just finished work.. Now going to cook and after that maybe drinks with friends!xxx

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  1. Thanks :) Great blog, nice look!
    I follow you, okey? Greetings :D

  2. Love your denim outfit.
    it's gorgeous.

  3. I was elated that double-denim found it's way into mainstream last year. Your wedges are amazing love!

  4. You should celebrate "Fattie's" success. His so cute!

  5. You look stunnin, love the denim jacket!

  6. love this look! such a cute kitten too :) and to answer your question, yes it was a fun experience :)



  7. i love ur jeans! such a great wash. ur kitty is cute:) thx again for dropping by my blog!


  8. love the outfit! and your kitty is so cute :)
    xx Niki


    ps. come enter my Sex & the City giveaway!

  9. love your jeans! and the double denim!