exposition Bernhard Willhelm and Jutta Kraus.

I went to the Groninger museum in Groningen to see the exposition of Bernhard Wilhelm and Jutta Kraus, two great fashiondesigners that made this exposition to honour there 10 year anniversary! The exposition is amazing, a lot of folklore mixed with nowadays fashion. Also the puppets where made with great expressions and they all had different bodies and heads that suited the outfits! I really love this exposition! I also bought(got for my bday from friend) some new things at hm and the adidas store in Groningen, but to spare some for tommorow i will post that tommorow haha. I also received my asos order YAAAY. Not the one my boyfriend ordered for my bday but the one i ordered a week ago for myself. The one my boyfriend ordered for my bday will arive tommorow so i will post all my new buys tommorow. I recommend you all to go to the exposition in the Groninger Museum it is there till the eleventh of april! xx

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