i'm selling black asos peeptoe's uk8/41.

Im selling my precious shoes i just got for my birthday! Today i tried them on to the busstop but halfway i had to go back because my feet are to wide for them unforunately! You all know i just got them for my birthday and they have only been walked halfway to the busstop! The picture of the gold ones is to see how they look! These ones are black. The shoes are from asos. Price: €22,00. If you are interested you can e-mail me! SJRI_@hotmail.com. xx

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that's soooo sad! i'm in the states, otherwise i'd snag them in a heartbeat. good luck selling them, though!

  2. Ze zijn echt mooi! Welke maat is 't dan? Jammer dat je ze weg moet doen!!

  3. Agossie, wat jammer! Ze zijn zo mooi! Nu baal ik dat ik geen maat 41 heb...

    Bedankt voor de tip trouwens!