new hair. Orange queen?

It's kind off a funny story or a bit stupid haha well here we go . The last week i have been wondering what to do with my hair? So i thought lets colour it blonde or red. But i am very impulsive sometimes a bit to and when you are to impulsive you do stupid things. Well yesterday i had 3 hours between two classes so i went to the mall and bought myself blonde hairdye. Went home i put it on when i washed it out it came out like the biggest photo above? Like an orange spotted cow cause i still had some spots of my dark hair! So the hair dye went so bad hahaha. When i looked at the clock i only had 5 minutes so i went crazy cause i not ever could go to school with my hair looking like that? So thats when i took my wool winter hat and put it on.. Thats how i looked on the photo's from the sneek a peek post. Well it had to be solved as soon as possible so i went to a friend of mine with a new package of hairdye honey darkbrown. Before we put it in we had to shave first because the upper of my hair was longer i had sort of a monk hairdo.. But as she went shaving we were talking about lots and lots so she started shaving and i had the feeling something wasnt right. She had started shaving the upper so my whole hairdo was ripped damn.. Just when you thought it not possible get more worse hahaha. Then we could only do one thing and that was shave it all off and then dye everything blond (still had some left from the first attempt). So thats what we did and now i have end up looking like Amber rose. That was not really the idea i had for eyes because i dont like to look like a wannabe her but already several persons told me i looked like her. After all it does fit me i just have to get used to it. I just got back from queensday(the day we celebrate the royal family here in Holland) in Utrecht, i had a great time and will post some pics tomorrow! Hope you all had a great day to? Where did you party today? As i said i just got back so im very tired! Nightnight sweetypie's xx

7 opmerkingen:

  1. you look AWESOME with shaved hair !

  2. yEAH!!! usually the color doesnt look good with dark skin but it looks good on u!!

  3. either way, orange hair or no, it look great! very bold, i love!

    xx raez

  4. staat je mooi meid! Je kan het goed hebben

  5. Ik vind wel gaaf, het staat je leuk :D

    nice blog, k volg je!