Yaaay sale started again! For my birthday i got some giftcards for h&m so i went out and purchased some stuff on the cards. I bought a  high wasted black tregging above ankle lenght with golden zippers above a blue/white striped dress and a see thru longer length tanktop. I love the tank the most cause it's made with such a simplicity that i simply love it.. The material is very rich made and it feels like satin or something like that, they also had them in other colours so maybe i will go back. When i was finished at hm i had some time left so went to see the Newyorker normally i don't go there but they actually had some nice stuff, i bought a black skinnybaggy pants with studs surrounding the pockets very nice. And almost everything i bought was on SALE. I bought everything for the total price of 22,95 that's worth a laugh haha. Go see for yourself before it's al gone.xxx

8 opmerkingen:

  1. die see through top is mooi!
    Hoe veel heeft ie gekost?

  2. Ooh dat is cheappp! Thanks!
    Hij is van gewone h&m toch? Voor zover ik 't labeltje zie.

  3. leuke dingetjes die je kocht!!!
    zin om elkaar te volgen?

  4. I love the tregging and the transparent balck top! great buys!

    and thank you so much for you comment. I also asked myself if there's a way to stop them. I hope now that it's public what they are really doing that someone will stop them, maybe even the police.


  5. Leuke dingetjes, vooral je streepjestop!
    en goedkoop zeg!
    mn toetsen gingen niet echt goed, ze waren nogal moeilijk, haha ;)

  6. Wow, alles voor maar 22,95, crazyy!!
    Die tanktops zijn nice he, ga ze denk ik ook halen. Krijg helemaal zin in de zomer als ik ze zie haha.

    Veel plezier met je nieuwe aankoopjes ;).

  7. i like the sheer tank!
    I got the bruises after riding my bike into a brick wall swerving to avoid a cat the other night! It's not so sore now though.