No nipples? Photoshop madness

I find it very disturbing that nowadays the girls in magazines, on webshops all got there nipples photoshopped away? I find it very distressing and to crazy to have words for? Why do they do that? I think people are going much to far with photoshop and shit. Like it is disturbing for a woman to show off het nipples? What the hell. Maybe you now think.. Where are you talking about? But these things i wonder about all day long haha.  Your opinion?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja waar moeten jonge jongetjes zich nu op aftrekken hahaha.. Deze is trouwens ook wel heel lelijk geshopt moet ik zeggen als het niet opvalt maakt het niet uit..

  2. Very chic header and ''alien ate my mom'' tickled me LOL

    thx for the love!


  3. I agree with you, sometimes people exaggerate the use of photoshop

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  4. I agree, especially when they don't take their time to do it right, it all ends up looking down right butchered..

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