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Hey chicks, as some readers might know i went to primark. YAAY! Actually i didnt find to much.. the collection was a bit disappointed and they didnt have any nice shoes. Allthough i still found some nice things for the summer. Normally i wear a lot of black but as you can see im trying to wear a bit more colour cause when i do i always get complimented that it is pretty with my skin. Thats why i also bought the two coloured dresses you see on the photo. I really love the blue one it has bra cups in the dress. Actually it's nightwear but i think its more a day dress? You cant really see how gorgeous it is right now but when i wear it you'll see. The other dress has kind of a nautical theme nice to wear to the beach. The bag is nice for festivals and the sunglasses and earrings are just nice to have haha. Now the next thing those shoes! Let me tell you something since i was 13 i never wore anything than brand(nike,adidas not that they have to be brand but certain styles fit me better.)sneakers or high heels. And now i have bought simple sneakers? I dont know if im going to wear them cause they dont really suit my style but they walk like little clouds and i still needed black shoes and they only were 5,00.  What do you think? bit weird for me isnt it haha. Well if i decide not to wear them hereby i promise they will come your way. I already changed them a bit cause the laceholes where silver so i painted them black with nailpolish and i tried to get rid of the shine but it didnt work. Damn what a big story i have today.. As you can see on the outfit photo i got my gorgeous wedges back and they are like NEW, i am so happy. And as you also can see im wearing a hat on the photo.. Thats because I CHANGED my hear but wanted to give you a little sneekapeek. Makes you wanna guess doesnt it? I'll show you later on just to keep the tension. Im going to watch e-entertainment and after that my favorite tv-show! THE OFFICE. bye babes.x

oh and by the way i still didnt receive my asos order including my Henri Holland suspender tights.. I mailed about it with asos the package probably went missing.. Arghh.

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment!

    I love the outfit here! Looks great!

    Also beautiful header! Love it!

    Sofia Leo x

  2. killer outfit, love the ripped tights and beanie
    and i waaannnt that bucket bag!!

  3. Leuk! Ben benieuwd hoe je je haar nu hebt!
    Waar ga je vanavond naartoe trouwens?
    Josy & ik zijn vanavond in Enschede!


  4. Wat een boel leuks! Vooral de tas en het roodgestreepte jurkje :D

  5. Gorgeous look! For the longest time I didn't think I like the ripped tights look, but I'm coming around on it. You're certainly rocking them here!

  6. Mooie outfit, vind je wedges erg mooi!

  7. leuke blog heb je! hij is echt leuk in elkaar gezet! :) elkaar volgen? ik volg je! :)

  8. leuke outfit en je nieuwe aankopen ziet er ook leuk uit!

  9. Heel erg bedankt voor de lieve reactie!
    Je ziet er echt geweldig uit! xo

  10. Wat een stoere outfit!
    Zonnebril en mutsje staan je echt geweldiggg

  11. I have the same shirt as you have on the picture (the white with red stripes from H&M) and I love it! xx