spring/summer last year my favorites!

My favorite moments of spring/summer last year! I thought about it because the weather was so nice yesterday. And that i cant wait till the bbques are coming again.. And not to forget about all the great festivals and just doing nice stuff with your bestest friends in the summertime! These photos are a mix from swimming,bbq, holiday. Do you all have some nice memories about last year? Or what do you miss most/can't wait to do again when the weather is getting better and better.. Or just to say in the summertime?
AND tommorow im going to PRIMARK for some budget shopping haha. Are you already jealous?

16 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, hell yeah ! i want to go wild on primark too !

  2. leuke fotos, en bedankt voor je comment!! Ik doe op het moment niks met mode, ik begin in september aan modeontwerpen!

  3. stinkend jaloers, ik wil ooook naar primark!
    leuke foto's trouwens ;)!

  4. Ohh these fabulous pics made me long for summer even more!

  5. hey sharai..
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    you made my day ")

    going to primark?
    sounds like a very jealousy-invitor .
    is that word even exist? haha :D
    keep visiting.
    i'll visit yours too :)

  6. Aah ik ben jaloers & de zomer foto's zijn erg heerlijk! :D Zin in de zomerrrrrr

  7. Great pictures, they made me smile thinking of the summer ahead!
    Rianna xxx

  8. rad pics and blog!

    followed =D
    come check mine out

  9. your style is awesome girl, thank you for your comment!

  10. leuke fotos! En het weer is heerlijk he de laatste tijd

  11. aaaah Hoe lief die fotos ahaha die maxidress is ook leuk!

  12. Mooie fototjes ! Super style heb je ! En die maxi dress bovenaan staat je echt goed