stop and stare... i typed drewling.

I was saving all my money to buy the Jeffrey Campbell Clinic shoes!(the left ones) Now he just brought out a new collection with the one on the right the JC exam shoes! They both make me drewl like a freakin dog! But i'll guess that when i finally worked so hard to save the money they probably will be sold out! byebye campbells. crycry. im tired now goodnight xx

9 opmerkingen:

  1. i love jeffrey campbell!!
    thanks for your comment

  2. Die rechter zijn mooi zeg!
    Btw er zit geen plastic onder mijn ringen, dat lijkt zo omdat ze een klein beetje bewogen zijn denk ik haha :P

  3. Not gonna lie, that spider over there freaks me out. Those shoes however, are a different story! I love those one on the right. Incredible!!


  4. Leuke blog heb je meid!

    Kom je ook eens langs?