100th post anniversary! And limited edition coke light bottle.

First of ALL I FINALLY RECEIVED MY HOUSE OF HOLLAND SUSPENDER TIGHTS YAAY. WOW my 100th post i never thought i would be blogging for such a long time! Normally i give up on things easily, but i kinda like to do this.. And receive all your sweet comments! And look what one of my sweetest friends brought me from PARIS, thats actually were the 100th post is about but lets mixx it up a little bit. But well my sweet friend sofie brought me this limited edition Karl Lagerfeld coca cola light bottle! I feel so honoured because i saw it in magazines but thought it would be ungettable for someone in Holland? But now i have one and i cannot express my happinness! For me its like my little treasure.Some facts about itsthisonething..
- 100 posts
- around 800 comments
- 28 daily outfits.

And it's all thanks to you sweet loyal kiddos! Thanks.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww congrats!!, love the tights, really sexy :)

  2. congrats!!!!! and thank u so much for your comment:) your blog is really amazing!!
    follow youu

  3. Lovely, Lovely post. Your blog is beautiful :)
    Panda xx
    Thanks for the comment, your so sweet

  4. Nice, die panty staat je goed!
    Thnx btw, ik vind je blog ook erg leuk!

  5. i want the karl coke! so special.
    also love the house of holland tights, just realised they sell them in tophop now! will be geting my hands on a pair soon!

  6. Gefeliciteerd! 100 posts alweer
    die HOH thights staan je goed, keep going

  7. Love the tights, very sexy!

    Thanks for stopping by! =)