Day one of internship!

I had a great weekend! On saturday i went clubbing in the city with a friend.. And sunday was the usual hangover day haha. Did you enjoy yours? Well today is my first day of internship at the "bijenkorf" a big warehouse that's stationed in almost every big city in Holland. I think you can compare it a bit to macy's.
I do have lust to go but i can not wear my own outfits because it's all fancy and chique so that's kind of a bummer. Now im wearing a grandma dress till under my knees hahaha and the rest is all black.. I will make a picture for you later on. My internship lasts 6 weeks and it's about 36 hours a week. Hope you understand.. But maybe i will post a little less during those 6 weeks.. Cause when i get home i will be tired! Well im going! Excitinggg... You all have a fun school/work/nothing day xxx.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Enjoy your new intership and have a wonderful week!

  2. Veel succes en plezier op stage!
    Wat moet je allemaal doen (A)?

  3. Haha oma jurk, ben nu wel benieuwd naar een foto. Succes en veel plezier op je stage!