Have you stole my eyebrows?

I'm having a shitty day today! I ordered some nailpolishes by barry m.. They supposed to be shipped last friday but i still havent received anything yet? Kind of weird cause normally it takes one or maybe two days.. So the question is.. Did she even shipped them?(they were all swatched so cheaper at a secondhand webstore). Im wondering all day about it. The next thing is that the rain has come again.. The weather just started to be nice in Holland. Yighhh. I felt the need to post this picture of me without eyebrows hahaha, thats the only make-up i wear.. Im to lazy to wear make-up..aargh. I find it kinda funny to see what your reactions are? Hope you all did enjoy your day, now of to watch some tv.. The office us is on.. I love it! xx

8 opmerkingen:

  1. ahh balen dat ze nog niet heeft verstuurd, daar kun je echt van balen ja, ik ken het ;) hoop maar dat ze snel en wel echt verstuurd dan!!!

  2. You look great
    I really like your eyebrows ;D

  3. Uhmm raar dat je het nog niet ontvangen hebt! Hoop voor je dat het snel komt!
    Balen van het weer indd, het weekend was zoooo mooi!

  4. You are beautiful! I hope your nail polish comes soon :)

  5. je moet je katten als poodles scheren shari! en ik vind je eyebrow loos zo cool en ik wil ze omhoog tekene zodat je een hele coole blik krijgt.. cu next week cause ure free tomorrow..

  6. Hey hon, let me know in a comment (on my newest post, please) under which name you are following me - I cannot find you and in order to enter my giveaway, you must be a follower :))
    Let me know asap <3

    PS: I am not sure if you intended to join, let me know otherwise I'll just remove your comment :))

  7. I think you are beautiful, and ur style is rockin!

    Cheers, Jesa