Lame ass.

sweater;primark, panel legging;primark, bucket bag;primark, piano ring;asos, shoes;nike.
Im sorry for the lack of updating but im kinda busy right now! My father just told me that im going to visit his homeland MALI over a few months so im very busy with getting a passport, a visum, all the stuff you have to do before you go on a trip haha. Here a few quickies i made yesterday when i was going to eat something with my bf at ikea. I also took another trip to Primark againg. Kind of disturbing cause i allready went last week haha. But we have a week off so i might as wel do anything that makes me happy! I bought this very cool panel legging.. The picture is kind of vague but ill show you later on. Tommorow it's the day Holland got free'd in WW2 by the canadians! So big party over here, im going to visit a big festival in Zwolle. Do you also have a week off? And going to do some nice stuff?

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  1. Wow, heb je je haartjes nog korter!? Staat je goed hoor! :) Enneh.. ik denk niet dat ik mijn laarsjes weg doe, maar als dat wel het geval is, zal ik het je laten weten ;)

    Enneh.. morgen Zwolle? Ik huppel daar misschien ook ergens rond ;)


  2. Sjari, ik moet zeggen, ik vind je dit kapsel toch wel echt prachtig staan!

    Misschien tot morgen,
    (ik mail je eventjes mn BB-pin, voeg me ff toe)


  3. Je haar staat je vet!!
    En jij bent morgen ook in Zwolle te vinden dus ;)!

  4. Hahaha I wanna party too cuz you know, I'm canadian. (: I remember learning something about it in Social Studies last year... but I doze off easily in class.

    Unfortunately, we don't get the week off here ): hmmmph. i still have to go to school, do homework... sigh.

  5. wow, soo cool


  6. You look great! Love your hairstyle. :)


  7. j'aime beaucoup ton style


  8. Have a safe trip and great travel.
    I know how time consuming and how much work it can be to get ready for a vacation. It's almost oxymoronic.. The idea of having to do so much work in order to relax ;). Anywho, hope you get finished with the paperwork sooner than later.

    Kimberly M.