queensday 2010

I really had a great time yesterday! I went to Utrecht to celebrate! At first i didnt really know what i was doing, cause in the morning i stood up and had a hangover from the last night (queensnight). I partied a bit to hard..Back to yesterday the weather was bad and i suddenly saw that a bill had attacked my bank account. But everyone kept saying i had to go with! So i went by train. When we got there i still thought what am i doing here? The weather still was kinda depressing.. But suddenly the sun came through the music was getting better, and combinated with some drinks i had a great time! Here is a better look of my hair.. What do you think? I liked it better when it was black happily for me it is a matter of groing. Here also some shots including my bf dont mind his angry face haha he didnt know i was taking a picture. The picture on the right i took when we were getting back home,  not the best shots of him but to give you an impression. Have to go now were celebrating my brothers birthday! Wish you all a great weekend!

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  1. Super leuke foto's, ziet er echt heel gezellig uit! Vind je nieuwe kapsel echt super stoer :D
    x Robine

  2. i love your bold haircut!


  3. shARI ziet er leuk uit. Dat wicht heeft Dakita Fanning. ik moet zometeen alweer werken:s maar dan vakantie zullen we wat leuks doen in de vakantie?

  4. Nice pics! Ik vind je haar (of nouja ik kan beter zeggen het gebrek er aan ;)) je echt supergoed staan!

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  6. Leuk!! Echt super mooi!
    Wij hebben trouwens niks gedaan met koninginnedag.. De auto ging kapot, hmpf. Dus dat eerst maar weer eens fixen.

    Emmely komt trouwens ook alweer bijna terug he! Als ze een feestje geeft zie ik je daar wel ofniet?

    (By the way, dit kapsel is heeeeel anders dan je kapsel toen ik je leerde kennen in, uhh, 2003. Toen had je nog dreads!)

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  8. where did you bought the sunglassesss? so pretttyy