Festival time: Mundial

(in the pictures are me,my mom and my sister)
First of all again my excuse for neglecting my blog! I simply am to busy to update at the moment. I have to go to my internship every day and after that its cleaning my house,take a shower and searching for houses in Amsterdam. When i will be finished with my internship i will update more! BACK to the festival. Mundial is a great festival with acts from all over the world. The festival lasts 3 days and you can even camp over there if you'll like! Some of the names that where there are: n.e.r.d, Jean paul, Flogging molly and some dutch artists like alain clark and caro emerald! So it's a pretty big festival. A while ago on my birthday my sister gave me a ticket for saturday and she also gave my mom one for her bday so we went with the three of us. Also saturday happened to be the day N.E.R.D was coming so i was so excited.. Unfortunately we didnt had a transfer back if we stayed to see them damn... Because the festival was on the otherside of Holland like 2,5 hours by train. But well i really enjoyed my day. I did see Flogging molly and Caro emerald. I also bought a new ring at the festival market they had some nice stuff over there. Also a funny thing happened i got filmed because some girl told the camera guys about my blog? Im very curious who of you did that? They said they would place the movie on the site but i didnt see anything jet! I will keep my eye on it through the following days.  By the way the nailpolish girl finally paid me my money back because i posted a note about her on the fashionforum pfff. Did you enjoy your saturday?

Ps: Wie van jullie heeft me vandaag gezien bij Mundial en de camera mensen verteld over mijn blog? Ben nieuwschierig! Vind het heel lief van je!

18 opmerkingen:

  1. hi. Nice pics and your style it's amazing.
    I really love that socks....:)


  2. Het ziet er heel gezellig uit :)

    Nog een fijne verjaardag toegewenst <3

    Je ziet er trouwens top uit!

    Xxx Vitas

  3. Leuke outfit, die panty is super! Het ziet er ook echt supergezellig uit & dat kraampje NICE!
    PS: dankje voor je comment, ja ik heb nu lenzen :). Ben er superblij mee, moet alleen nog de handigheid erin vinden haha!

  4. Leuke foto's en ik vind je panty heel erg tof!

  5. Ziet er echt super uit! Het festival, de sfeer, het sieradenkraampje, en natuuuurlijk je outfit!^^

  6. Oehw nog steeds liefde voor de panty!
    &Haha join the club, ik heb wiskunde dan ook flink verprutst -.0'
    Maar bedankt voor je complimentje ^^


  7. Dankjewel welk jurkje vind je leuk? :)

    Leuke blog!

  8. thankss
    ze zijn van de primarkt
    maar al echt 4 maanden geleden helaas!

  9. leuke foto's :D
    ~dat is waar van de hema :]

  10. Hee meid, leuke blog heb je! mundial was leuk he :)! x

  11. Wat een leuke pretty polly tights. Love your outfit!


  12. Wow, die kraam met armbandjes ♥♥

  13. jaaa mooie outfit & ik vind je panty geweldig, ik wil hem ook nog!
    dankje voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog btw. :)

  14. Ru rocking the SUPERRETROFUTURE SHADES??