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Wow this week was so calming! My first week of holiday, i relaxed and sometimes get up out of be
d to do nothing just watch tv whole day. Also a stupid thing happened, i am going to visit my fathers birthland for the first time ( Mali) and we supposed to leave the 29th of juli. Kind of a bummer my father find out he booked over his earlier trip to France, he would arrive in Holland the 31th wile we supposed to fly the 29th pfff. So now we are going from the 5th till the 16th of august. I also bought myself some new panel leggings at h&m, i think thees ones are even prettier as the last one with the black knee pads that a lot of us had. But.. I am not sure to keep them? On the outfit pics above i am also wearing my Primark panel leggings and im not sure i need two pairs. But anyways if i don't keep them i will sell them they are size 10.


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  1. Nice outfit! En super dat je naar je geboorteland En ik kwam erachter dat ik je helemaal niet volgde...dus nu wel:D!

  2. Dankje voor de reactie!

    wel jammer dat je uiteindelijk niet kon ...het was echt super! Heel veel zachte stoffen en kleuren ;)

    T leukste gedeelte vind ik toch wel de mensen die ik heb ontmoet. Heel veel bloggers, designers en journalisten.

    maar leuk dat je naar Mali gaat, have fun!

    ps: ik volg je blog...als je wilt kun je ook de mijne volgen ;)

    x pris

  3. Girl, I love your style! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog because now I've found yours! :)

  4. Outfit is great and the nail colour and your hair totally suits you! Thanks for the comment, great blog :)

  5. Nice outfit! :D Those shoes are amazing and loving your rings so so much! (:

    Ohh and I always have this problem with following, like some request is too large to process. ): Is it something like that? I do hope it gets fixed soonly!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment too :D Haha you're right about the shoes though, its better to be practical! ((:

    PS is that your cat? It looks scary :S Hahaha



  6. this outfit is badass; can't go wrong with minnie =] love your style !


  7. love the outfit, and you rock that haitrcut!x

  8. love the outfit, those shoes everything is to killer!not many people (meaning me) can own that haircut...look amazing!
    great blog, definately a new follower!


  9. Rings are amazing ! xx