Life in Mali.

(on photos from up to down: telephone book with my last name, 2 men on the street, woman selling on the trainstation, albino kid, me and my niece, mountain and rainbow, nephew ba, people washing and cleaning, beautiful black henna, niece)
I was kinda busy this week but here is my post about Afrika. I really had an amazing time over there. I saw my family for the first time and it was very special and emotional for me, it was also very special for me to see my roots. Here in Holland i can never place my big legs and stuff like that there all my aunts had it. Or in Holland i am the only one with my last name there were telephone books full of it. It was also amazing to see that all the little kids there had been my father one day a long time ago. Part from all the things that were happening the land itself is also beautiful. Everything is apple green with a lot of mountains and wild animals you can see walking arount like we have mouses and birds. All in all it was a experience i will never forget. Most of the time i stayed in a good hotel. But we also slept 3 days at my families house. That means showering outside naked with a bucket and a sponge, sleeping outside and doing your laundry in the river. That is something else than we have here. I am also very happy with everything i own here. The country is very poor but everyone has enough clothing and enough to eat. I also bought beautiful fabrics there to make some garments out of it.. Unfortunately i dont have any pics of that. All in all it was a life changing trip that i will never forget, and i am certain i will go back and try to learn the language. That was also hard for me i couldnt speak with anyone else than my father, so i couldnt even make myself understandable to my family. I also loved the beautiful black henna they had there.. I took some with me.

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  1. wow moet wel heel speciaal en emotioneel zijn als je je familie voor het eerst ziet
    leuke foto's!
    ~ dankjewel ;)

  2. Africa have so much culture!....thanks cutie for your comment in my blog! many kisses! :=)

  3. these are amazing photos. i love the henna!


  4. these are great photos.
    u such have lot fun met ur family there.


  5. Wauw, wat ontroerend. Echt heel mooi!

  6. Wauw, lijkt me ook heel emotioneel om je familie voor het eerst te zien! Ook heel fijn natuurlijk! Zeker iets om nooit te vergeten.

    Ik weet dat de Monki in de Kalverstraat komt, waar eerst de winkel Bendorff zat. Ben ook echt benieuwd :D, kan stiekem niet wachten haha!

  7. Cool! Ik wil ook erg graag naar zo'n land!

  8. Wow mooie en indrukwekkende foto's zeg! Mijn vakantie was ook super! Leuk dat je weer terug bent, vooral weer veel posten he! ;) x

  9. Wow! These are great pictures. I would love to visit Africa some day. SarahD:)

  10. Wow!! That country is so diferent of any place I have ever seen in my whole life!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  11. Wow! I'm so happy for you! These photos are so amazing! xoxo Mickey

  12. beautiful photos. beautiful trip and beautiful country.