Designer days

DAMN everything is starting again work/school. Tuesday was my day of hell! I had my first school day bleghhh made me realise that the fun times are over haha. Happily we were going to see some designers for our  following internship in the second year. Tuesday i went to see RC couture in Gendringen. Wednesday i went to Zita made in Amsterdam. At both designers i like the fact they make unique stuff and that they sell their stuff on the same place as where they make it. I made some pictures of the studios.. The first two are from RC couture and the two after are from Zita made, the other pics are from me in and round Amsterdam. After we went to Zita made...I took my chance and finally went to see Monki! The store is well decorated and nice.. But its also very all over the place! You can find one piece on 2/3 different places thats kind of distressing! I finally found the monki circle scarf i saw on the site.. A girl picked the last one up just 1 minute before i did! ARGHH i could cry about it.. But i still have hope.. Someone i know works at that monki store.. So maybe they will be back in stock and i can ask her to buy the scarf for me! I did buy a sweet bow bracelet. Besides Monki i went to some secondhand stores.. I bought a vintage jacket at zipper and a blue/l.blue scarf at waterloo plein. Afterwards i saw on the receipt versace 10,00? So now im wondering if its from versace? I Love it anyways but it will be cool to have a secondhand versace jacket by accident for 10 euro's. How was your first work/school day?

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  1. Thank you :)
    I like your blog!Your outfits are amazing

  2. hi sjaar!
    leuke update, school inmiddels alweer gewend? ik kan niet wennen hoor, om elke dag weer om 6 uur op te staan aargh !

    leuke foto's en tekst.

  3. I am so loving!!! Fab pics too!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Nice blog!

    Thank for your comment :)


  5. Bedankt voor je comment!^^ Wat heb je van Versace bij zipper gekocht!? Ik wil ook zo graag naar Zipper!

  6. Het is een Versace!
    Net afgestudeerd en ik mis school al, haha.

  7. Mijn eerste dag was echt een hell.
    Ik ben net begonnen met mn eerste stage en werd keihard in het diepe gegooid
    Begeleiding bestaat niet meer ofzoo

    Ik hoop dat jouw schooljaar beter wordt! ;D

  8. wauw, ziet er super uit! en ik hoop voor je dat het een Versace is, haha ;)